The Volcanics are a high energy, “Dance and Show Combo” from Los Angeles, California.  Their dynamic sound, stage moves, and drippin’ blue cardigan sweaters represent good ol’ fashioned youth, fun, and excitement for all thrill seeking crowds alike.  Influenced by early 1960s music, not only do they harness their instruments long enough to capture the fast double picking sounds and melodic instrumental ballads of Surf, they also serve up Frat Rock n‘ Roll dance vocals.  On Double Crown Records, they currently have three full length albums: “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “The Lonely One”, and “Stompin‘ Garage”.  In addition, they will be releasing their newest album “Forgotten Cove” later this year in 2018.  So get ready to erupt into a dancing frenzy and stomp your feet to the thunderous sounds of The Volcanic beat! 

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