Like Mark, David is a fan of punk rock (specifically, “fast paced-semi melodic-hardcore-punk rock”). He has played in numerous punk bands throughout the San Gabriel Valley. However, unlike Mark, David joined The Volcanics at a much later time but has known both Frankie and Mark since kindergarten. David, Frankie, and Mark all lived and grew up in the same neighborhood just a few doors down from each other. David is a major contributor to the production of the songs in the band. He is also extremely technical and a perfectionist involving the playing of individual parts in the band. David was given the nickname “Whitey” in high school and has embraced the name ever since.

  Favorite Sport: Dirt Bike Racing Fun Fact: Although they lived and grew up in the same neighborhood, Frankie and Mark were David’s arch nemesis rivals growing up and would often pull pranks on each other such as t.p.ing and egging each others’ houses.