The Volcanics’ update!

Hey everyone!  Just a Volcanic update here to let you know we are working on our third full length album that will be out later this year on Double Crown Records.  Until we get any ideas, right now it is untitled (any ideas?).  We have been doing a lot of pre-production work.  Our buddy Jarrod Keith is producing and recording us at his studio “The Hobby Shop” in Highland Park, CA. I started playing surf with Jarrod in the very first band I was in back in high school called “The Impossibles”, so he’s no stranger to the music and sound.  Our buddies “Boss Fink” also just finished and recorded their first full length album “R.P.M.” with Jarrod over at “The Hobby Shop” as well (which will be out later this month). We are excited for our new album.  It is pretty diverse because many of us are contributing to the song writing duties on it.  I have some songs on there that I wrote with Jimmy, and a song Derek Nakamura (our old bassist) and I wrote as well.  We are also recording an old tune that Benny Hammond (our old drummer) and I wrote years ago called “Twilight”.  Mark has a vocal ballad on the album as well.  Lastly, we are doing one of Jarrod’s old surf songs called “The Sabotage” he wrote after a car of mine I had in high school that he and I would cruise around in. We will probably get in the studio after our pre-production work and August shows (Aug. 8th “SG101 Convention” in Garden Grove and Aug. 16th show in East L.A. at “Café Nela”).  Until then, we’ll be sure to keep ya’ posted on any other news that comes up.  We just started actively using our “Twitter” account, as well as continuing to use our “Facebook” and “Instagram” accounts.  Also, we posted our last show at the Huntington Beach Pier on July 12th on “Periscope” and will be using “Periscope” a lot more so be sure to follow us! Thanks and hope to see you at our next show! -Frankie